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About us

The origins of Power Farming Holdings Limited can be traced back to Maber Motors, a small one man operation established by Laurie Maber in 1946 to sell and service tractors and implements to the local farming community in Morrinsville, New Zealand.

Over the years Maber Motors expanded to three retail branches, thanks largely to Laurie’s unfaltering commitment to service and backup. This was very much a family business, and Laurie's son Geoff joined Maber Motors soon after leaving school. In 1977, Maber Motors secured the rights to distribute Iseki tractors in New Zealand, and Geoff eventually formed a separate wholesale company to fully develop this new opportunity. The new company was named Power Farming Holdings Limited.

Iseki quickly became New Zealand's top selling tractor and Power Farming Wholesale Limited grew at a fantastic pace. Power Farming Holdings Limited has now grown to become a major enterprise, with a considerable investment in people, facilities, and technology – all aimed at serving a customer base spread throughout the length and breadth of Australasia.



Reasons to work for us

  • TRADITION. With a long history of providing young, enthusiastic and technically minded people with an opportunity to develop their skills, Power Farming has a national network that can provide opportunities to build careers and have a number of people who started with us as an apprentice and today lead a successful dealership.
  • TRAINING. With a dedicated training facility, Power Farming offers its own in-house training programmes in addition to the ITO and NZQA frameworks to provide our staff with nationally recognised qualifications.
  • TECHNOLOGY. With the advent of high-tech machinery equipped with sophisticated onboard computers, electronic diagnostic tools and G.P.S capabilities, the day of the 'grease monkey' mechanic is diminishing and a special set of skills are required to work on today's tractors with confidence.
  • CAREERS. Power Farming has the scale to provide our people with opportunities to move into team leadership roles, dealership positions and become involved at the wholesale/distribution level - both in New Zealand and Australia. Power Farming is and will always be focused on the development of careers for the future to ensure that we continue to grow in strength and reputation.



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