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About us

Whichever BCS location around the world, we certainly have opportunities to work with other great people.  Our culture is reflective of our core values and our success is due to having people with passion for what they do, have the right attitude, who want to contribute, who are ambitious and not afraid of challenges. We certainly work hard and recognize the people that allow us to be innovative in our products, projects and services. BCS is a growing group of companies who specialise in designing innovative automation and materials handling solutions.  Since the mid 1990's, BCS Group has grown steadily into a company with over 300 employees and revenue of over 70 million dollars per annum.



Reasons to work for us

  • Innovative Technology - We consistently strive to look beyond the obvious and encourage an environment of creativity, innovation and continuous improvement.  As an award winning multi-national organisation we provide the opportunity to work with leading edge technology within the materials handling industry across the globe.
  • Supportive Work Environment - We consider our employees to be our most valuable resource and where possible adopt a flexible approach to working life that recognises employee commitment to achieving great results. We respect and trust each other, and have fun!
  • Learning and Development Opportunities - We encourage ongoing employee development by actively promoting a culture of learning and providing opportunities for career advancement.



3894233 Operations Manager - NSW
3891278 Freight Technician - Mechanical




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