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YHA New Zealand

About us

YHA New Zealand is one of New Zealand's leading names in Hospitality and Tourism. We are always on the lookout for customer focussed individuals to be part of an organisation where people and values count. We are proud of our values and our commitment to sustainable operations and we look for people who reflect the integrity, respect, excellence and passion we embody.

Reasons to work for us

  • People and Values - Our values are Integrity, Respect, Passion and Excellence. We work with our staff to achieve this at all times. When you work with the YHA values, you gain a great sense of satisfaction working as a team towards common goals with the same values.
  • Ongoing learning and development - We believe that for us to grow as an organisation, our team members need the opportunity to grow as individuals. This is achieved through the development of Personal Development Plans focusing on employee growth and contribution - every staff member has one and it is reviewed on a regular basis.
  • Free YHA Membership for Staff - As a member of the YHA team, you are entitled to free YHA membership. This gives you access to all the great special offers and promotions available to members at no cost!


Current Vacancies:

There are no available vacancies at YHA New Zealand.


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