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The Talent Propeller Resume Design and Review service provides job seekers a fresh, unbiased perspective on your resume. We will provide you with suggestions to make your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile stronger as well as point out potential issues. We can also completely redesign your resume to ensure it has maximum impact in a cluttered job market.

The worst thing you can do when applying for a job is to submit a shabby CV, or worse, no CV at all. This guarantees failure because most prospective employers will simply bin applications that don't come with a CV attached.

Here are some of the advantages you will get by having a well presented document:

CV Makeover

You will look sharp and professional

Like a snappy suit, a well formatted CV will make you look like a professional. It also makes you look organised which is a trait that most employers are looking for in their staff.

CV Makeover

Your application will get to the top of the pile

In a tight employment market, employers often receive 100's of applications for a position that they advertise. This makes it impossible for them to review each one properly, therefore they will often skim through all the applications rather than study them in detail. Given that CVs are the first things they look at, make sure yours gets you put in the 'yes' pile.

CV Makeover

Organised information makes you easy to reference

When an employer is finalising their 'yes' pile, they are interested in cross referencing information at a glance comparing one CV to another. If yours is well laid out, your details are more likely to stick.

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How do I get a job with no experience?

One of the most common questions we get is “how do I apply for jobs when I don’t have much experience?” Lack of experience is perceived as a challenge for many people. However, if you take a deeper look, it’s not necessarily the real reason you are being turned down from jobs repeatedly.


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